~ Age 14 ~
1982 ~ First concert as a high school freshman soloing on the alto sax playing "What I Did For Love" at Bonanza High School in Las Vegas, NV
png will not load ~ Age 17 ~
One of two high school seniors representing Nevada in the '85-'86 McDonald's All-American High School Band
~ Principal Alto Sax ~
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~ Age 20-21 ~
Played the "Memories of Elvis" show in Las Vegas, NV for a year and a half.

~ Age 22-23 ~
Played house bands for Norwegian Cruise Lines (Southward & Starward), then more free-lancing...

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~ Age 24-29 ~
Graced with a steady gig with The Patriot Band mostly in Laughlin, NV from 1992-1997 prior to earning a Bachelor's Degree in CIS at DeVry Institue of Technology in Phoenix, AZ
jpg will not load ~ Age 42 ~
Assembled a 5-piece contemporary jazz group playing at Warren's Jazz Bistro in October, 2011
jpg will not load ~ Age 43 ~
Lead Tenor/Alto for the PUMA Jazz Ensemble under Dennis Saloky's direction from the Fall of 2011 through the Spring of 2013
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~ Age 45 ~
Laz Jazz CD is released
png will not load ~ Age 46 ~
Laz Jazz debut concert at the MIM
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